Coming home to yourself.

As soon as you arrive on the land of Eagle Dream Lodge you will feel its sacred energy. It is completely hidden away and yet sits atop hills that have imposing views in every direction. The quiet stillness of this breathtaking venue allows you to immediately drop into the space and feel fully relaxed and supported by nature.

The sense of total tranquility allows you to feel the love Sally-Ann has put into creating this incredible space. You have come home to yourself, restored by nature and her gifts of nourishment. These emotions will carry forward in the way you run your unique workshop or retreat.


Naturally radiant.

As a specialist in her field Sally-Ann supports you in finding heart centred solutions. She will work with you to create and achieve your life goals. Using her skills as an Energy Healer, a Facilitator in Creative Expression, Heart Alignment, and finding the joy within, she will be able to mentor and hold space for your personal growth and empowerment.

As a Women’s Circle holder and facilitator of small groups, Holistic Counsellor and advocate for journeying within Sally-Ann has a vast amount of experience in holding space for individuals and small groups. Her ability to help women question and find their own answers has proven invaluable, and leads to deep inner clarity, breakthroughs, growth and personal empowerment.

You can chose from 60min, 90min and 120min sessions that will support you to deal with anxiety, depression, grief, personal boundaries, and imbalance with the heart, mind and soul. These sessions include energy healing, mentoring and goal setting to ground you, bringing balance and alignment for the most important things in your life.