Earth Radiance Circle


Earth Radiance Circle

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Earth Radiance Circle. We will align with our profound connection to the Earth and our radiance that shines out into the world. Together we will be celebrating the start of 2019 in our Sacredness and our Sovereignty. This is deep Soul work and beautiful Circle work. How immersed and grounded we feel as our hearts open and we share this beautiful day together. There will be laughter and tears, clarity and insight, deep wisdom, growth and expansion. We will talk, listen, dance, meditate, hold space for each other and share our gifts. We each need to find a tribe, to feel a connection to our sisters without judgment and with full and compassionate hearts. With this stunning location we will breath the air of our natural change and feel illuminated and liberated by the transformations that will unfold.

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The space I create is totally unique. I have been blessed with groups of beautiful women who are called together to be compassionate, to share stories, and to fully witness each other exactly where they are at. As a Facilitator and a Circle holder I create an authentic space for self-expression, overcoming fears and doubts so that women can become Creative, Resourceful and ultimately Whole. 

This Earth Circle is one of connection, abundance, joy, creativity, strengthening and transformations. In this Circle we share our true selves, our dreams, our laughter, our desires and our personal stories. Using guided visualisation, meditation, embodiment work, journaling and group discussion, you will gain deeper personal clarity and a more in depth understanding of self. 

Using Kundalini yoga to bring awareness and grounding, connection and clarity. In this Circle you will be asked to meet your body and your mind wherever they are at; to attune to your own genuine level of strength and integrity; and to honour any genuine limitations with compassion and grace. Kundalini combines postures and breathing, mantra and movement to create specific energetic shifts and states, in a way that will be unfamiliar to most. (no yoga experience required)

Using journaling and intuitive tools you will be nourished and aligned. Using dance and movement you will find inner freedom, shift negative beliefs and embody your heart’s self-expression. We will join together to witness and hold space for each other in powerful, fun and supportive ways. We see each other with heart, openness, and deep compassion. The day will be thought provoking, a journey of self-expression, of clearing and huge expansion. 

$155 Earth Radiance Circle

$100 Bed, Breakfast and Dinner

$50 Sunday Personal Energy Attunement

$25 Sunday Group Kundalini Yoga