Workshops, retreats, weddings and more in the serene Victorian countryside. Tailored to suit any purpose and taste.

Eagle Dream Lodge is the ideal location for any kind of event away from the hustle and bustle of Melbourne, where you can design a unique experience around the land, the house and the tent. There is space for you to inspire and be inspired by the natural landscape, the ‘safe space’ in the Bedouin Tent and the comfort of the lovely house. Larger-scale retreats can be run with camping as an option for accommodation. Bell tents are available for hire or guests can bring their own - ideal for embodiment, grounding and group work. The totally secluded landscape is perfect inspiration for painters and artists, and corporate guests will find that the beauty and isolation makes a complete break from city life.

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Women’s Circles are heart opening, inspirational and fun with a true appreciation of sisterhood. There may be tears, there will be laughter, clarity and growth as you are welcomed with open arms and an open heart. We will talk, listen, meditate, hold space for each other and share our gifts. We each need to find a tribe, to feel part of a sisterhood without judgment, and with heart.

The space I create is totally unique. Each of my circles have been blessed with groups of beautiful women who are called together to be compassionate, to share knowledge and to fully support each other. As a Facilitator and a Circle holder I create an authentic space for self-expression, overcoming fears and doubts so that women can become creative, resourceful and ultimately whole.

Women walk away with new direction, inner realisations, turning points, and transformations. This is the inspiring version of women sitting together and holding space for each other. Abundance, creativity, strengthening and transformation.

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In these circles we share our true selves, our dreams, our laughter, our desires and our personal stories. Using guided visualisations, meditation, embodiment work, journal and group discussion, you will gain deeper personal clarity and a more in depth understanding of self. Circles are thought provoking journeys of self-expression, of clearing and huge expansion. We get to witness each other with heart, openness, and true compassion.